5 ways to impeach a Kenyan president

​The presidency is a very powerful position in any country and particularly Kenya.It is therefore not an easy job to drag the most powerful man in the land out of office .However the constitution of  Kenya provides for impeachment. ​It is not just an event as they say but a process.Below is a breakdown of the … Continue reading 5 ways to impeach a Kenyan president


Top 10 Universities in Kenya

​1.University of Nairobi 2.Moi University 3.Egerton University 4.Kenyatta University 5.Strathmore University 6.Jomo Kenyatta University of Agricultu 7.United States International University 8.Mount Kenya University 9.Kenya Methodist University 10.Catholic University of Eastern Africa

7 Things you didn’t know about Moses Kuria

​​1.Education He was born in 1971 at his rural home and started school at Githuya Primary School in Gatundu completing his primary education in 1983. He proceeded to pursue his secondary education at Ituru Secondary School sitting for his exams in 1987. Mr Kuria was later admitted at University of Nairobi where he pursued a Bachelor of … Continue reading 7 Things you didn’t know about Moses Kuria

5 Most paying careers in kenya

1.Engineering Depending on the firm you are affiliated with, engineering is a lucrative career. Remember you also need to have your math and sciences right. Salaryexplorer.com pegs the income of a project engineer at Ksh 550,000 on the higher side although this figure is not fixed. 2.Accounting Estimates from Salaryexplorer.com place the highest paid financial … Continue reading 5 Most paying careers in kenya