7 Things you didn’t know about Moses Kuria

He was born in 1971 at his rural home and started school at Githuya Primary School in Gatundu completing his primary education in 1983. He proceeded to pursue his secondary education at Ituru Secondary School sitting for his exams in 1987. Mr Kuria was later admitted at University of Nairobi where he pursued a Bachelor of Commerce graduating in 1993.While at the University he was the treasurer of the Students Organisation of Nairobi University (SONU) which served a prelude to his entry into politics
2.Accounting career

He has worked as an auditor, accountant and banker from 1994 when he started as an auditor at a firm and ended up at Standard Chartered Bank in 1995 as the head of business process re-engineering, Africa.

3.Political career

​In 2007 he joined the Party of National Unity (PNU) as Director of Programs and Spokesperson. The change of career, Kuria says, was motivated by his patriotism to Kenya as he realized the tension that was there before elections would cripple the economy.
In 2013 he became The National Alliance (TNA) officer in charge of strategy, a position he held until he was elected Gatundu South MP during a by-election in 2014.

4.Tryanny of numbers

He is one of the pioneers of ‘tyranny of numbers’ after realizing that a large number of Kenyan voters had not registered, they launched a plot to register a large electorate over their competitors.

5.He speaks Arabic 

He spoke fluent Arabic with Joho to the surprise of Raila. His acquisition of the Arabic dialect goes back to the days he worked in Saudi Arabia and Dubai between the years 2000-2007 where he met his wife Joyce Njambi.


Kuria was caught on camera inciting youth in Gatundu. It is purported that he used Swahili and Kikuyu dialect and asked them to use their machete to chop anyone who opposes the National Youth Service. On July 14, the controversial legislator walked out of Citizen TV’s The Big Question when a video clip played depicting how he was inciting youth against those opposed to government projects.

7.Role model

Retired President Mwai Kibaki is the political role model of Kuria. He said that he liked Kibaki’s economic philosophy.


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