This why you should smoke weed 

It is almost impossible to grow up in any country, and not be exposed to drugs. Peer pressure to do drugs is high and honest information about the dangers of drugs is not always available.In my opinion NO drug is good , only that some drugs could be less harmful than others.I want to make clear to you is that people make choices in their lives that affect who they are and who they will become.If you make the right choices you are more likely to have a better life than if you make the wrong ones.

Many people will tell you drugs are not dangerous but  consider who is telling you that.  Is it not the same people who are trying to sell you some drug?

Is Marijuana Really Bad?
i)Marijuana is not addictive

Some people argue that as compared to most drugs, weed is the least dangerous.Weed is not an addictive drug infact it could be less addictive than coffee.

ii)Memory loss effect is temporary

Weed will cause some short term memory loss. It is true that one finds it difficult to remember a 10 digit phone number. Beer causes the same memory loss as weed. The effect is temporary and wears off completely.

iv)Marijuana helps one gain weight

You may eat more than you would normally when stoned .This will in turn lead to weight gain.
v)Sexual stimulant.

You are more likely to agree to have sex when you are stoned. If you are getting stoned with members of the opposite sex, be aware of this and realize that it can have this effect on you.Sometimes people get others stoned to try to get them to have sex when they normally would deny .
vi)Marijuana makes most people more relaxed

It relieves the tension after a hard days work or school.It is also believed to improve   imagination and  creativity.This re-allocation if resources means weed actually makes you smarter.

However Drug Abuse is a Bad Idea!
Drugs have varying degrees of danger.Don’t do drugs that you do not know the effects.

It is your life dont mess it up , if you do it is your fault.

Please remember that prolonged  abuse of Marijuana could lead to:

i)Decline in IQ

ii)Poor school performance and higher chance of dropping out

iii)Lower life satisfaction

iv)Impaired thinking and ability to learn and perform complex tasks
Lastly Marijuana could get behind bars.Be careful .You could end up rotting in JAIL!!!


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