This is what you didn’t know about Sonko

Mike mbuvi sonko is a popular politician in kenya.He is in the race for Kenya’s capital ,Nairobi gubernatorial seat .Will he make it? 
These are some of the amazing facts about him you probably didn’t know

1.His background
Mike Sonko was born on February 27 1975. Sonko spent his early years in crime in the streets of Mombasa. He is a notorious jail breaker, having escaped from Shimo La Tewa Prison under unclear circumstances. His thuggish, often ‘stylish’ mode of dressing has only reinforced this image of a gangster.Though he has confessed and promised that he changed his old ways.
2. Before Parliament
Before Mike Sonko joined parliament, he used to operate a fleet of matatus (Public vehicles) in Eastlands. How he got the capital to start this venture is anybody’s guess.
3. Family Guy


Mike Sonko is married and has three daughters namely; Saumu, Salma and Sandra. All his daughters are from different mothers. Saumu is from the late Njeri, Salma is from a woman in Juja while Sandra’s mother is from his current wife Prim.
4.He is Popular
Mike Sonko  is very popular, especially among the youth. Maybe it has something to do with his manner of ‘stylish’ dressing and the way he carries himself. He tries as much as possible to identify with the youth. He always attends youth functions and supports them.
5.He is very generous


Mike Sonko is very generous and he can always be seen donating money for various youth initiatives. He been severally spotted handing out large amounts of cash to the public.

6.He has a good development record
He kept his word to the people of Makadara and he greatly improved their living conditions. He established various youth initiatives to help the youth in his constituency get a source of livelihood. He has strived to help without fear or favour .Perhaps a man of the people!


One thought on “This is what you didn’t know about Sonko

    Sonko is a notorious thief.He is a demonic land grabber.
    He is also a drug baron.
    He has three children with three different women!Atleast the one’s we know.It’s very true that he has a bunch of kids out there.
    He is functionaly illiterate!

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