The ultimate guide successful gambling

Three top tips for the general gambler: 

Tips for the general punter

Whatever your gambling activity, below are my three best gambling tips for the general   bettor, in order of importance that I consider essential in your quest for success.

Call them  gambling tips or golden rules. Stick to them and you will probably be a winner, stay a winner and enjoy gambling for a long time to come with no pain and no regrets.

 1.Gamble money you can afford to lose. If you need the money, don’t gamble

2.Gamble half of what you are willing to risk. This way, if you don’t win, you will give yourself a second chance, another day


/strong> Don’t be greedy; if you lose what you have just won, you are greedy. 

Also Employ this ‘one-way’ winning strategy: Start with minimal bets. When winning, intensify the betting progressively as you win risking only a calculated portion of your wins. Put NO limit to winnings as long as profit is progressing.

 Set your target profit levels backwards. It is easier to fulfil a target level backwards (as profit recedes) than forward. The danger of forward profit targeting is that you can get close to it, never quite make it, and then lose the lot. Backward profit level targeting is more suitable on low risk/win ratio betting systems; that is, you risk a little to win a lot but you win fewer times. Therefore when devising your system you should aim to win more money with fewer bets and in fewer winning rounds. Positive progression betting is one way to achieve that. This is usually a more efficient way to bet and gives you more flexibility in managing your winnings.

Approach gambling realistically. You cannot force a winning outcome and don’t expect to win every time. Decide on a plan that lets you play in sessions or intervals, closing each session once certain criteria are met, and don’t aim to win each one of them. Remember, what matters is the overall net profit result.

Pocket winnings. Pocket your winnings as you win and continue playing only with your principal amount. Once your initial amount is gone, count your pocketed winnings and continue playing only with half of any excess you have, that is, play with half of your net win (your winnings less your original investment). For example, if you start with 100 shillings, pocket winnings as you play and keep playing from your original amount. Once the 100 shillings are gone, if your pocketed winnings are Ksh.420 continue playing only with half the surplus,  (420-100=320/2=160), or better still, leave with all the profit!

Know when to stop. Think like a winner. Before or during any game, tell yourself you are going to win and stay focused on the task of winning. Just being positive will slightly alter your winnings. And if you get hot or cold, dont feel like everything is over for you. Just regroup and devise a strategy that works for you. One that has been successful in the past. And most importantly, know when to stop. Walk away whether losing or winning.



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