Safaricom suffer monday blues 

Millions of Safaricom customers were unable to make calls Monday morning after the mobile service provider experienced a technical problem.
The technical problem affected subscribers countrywide with the company

it is working to resolve the issue.

Safaricom boasts over 25 million customers countrywide and even beyond boundaries. This problem has brought several businesses to a standstill . ‘Investors’ a.k.a gamblers have also been limited in their investments today.

Today not many gamblers are going to bet on their favourite games in their preferred sites .Sportpesa , betinkenya , and the likes could be annoyed at the slight thought of millions they might lose today if a solution is not found soon.

All in all lets hope safaricom gets us out this as they have promised.     “Sorry we are having a slight technical fault with the network services countywide but the issue is being resolved,” the company posted on its Twitter account.

Rumour has it that somebody tried to hack the service provider.But that is nothing to go by  considering the capital and machinery invested by safaricom.But my friend reminds me this kenya and nothing is impossible everything can happen anytime anywhere.Hopefully this is a prank!


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